Unlocking the power of
water heaters

Key to a sustainable future

OSO Charge enables a grid of thermal battieries that smooth the peak demand to avoid peak energy charges and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Next-generation water heaters

With OSO Charge, the water heaters constitute an alternative to improving the grid, locally, regionally and nationally.

Grid interactive

Allows the smart grid system to request flexibility from groups of water heaters to support grid balancing

Avoid peak hours

Without disrupting consumer habits, OSO Charge enables secure, safe and efficient control of a fleet of water heaters to help utilities balance the grid.

Mobile app

OSO inCharge app provides increased insights in hot water status and optimization for the end user.

Social benefits

Enhanced customer insights allows increased understanding on their contributions to peak demand and greenhouse gas reductions

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Powered by IoT

End-to-end security

Highly secure end-to-end architecture that allows for enhanced systems integration

Configurable heating profiles

Optimization algorithm that helps balance the grid without disrupting consumer habits


Always on connectivity with easy to provision Wifi or Cellular communications link

Making renewables more forecastable

OSO Water Heaters will be able to act as a grid of thermal batteries, making renewables more forecastable

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