About OSO Energy

OSO Energy, which is part of the OSO Hotwater Group, focuses on how water heaters can contribute to a more sustainable future. There are millions of generators out there that can be used as a network of thermal batteries.

50 years of environmental focus

OSO is one of Norway's first environmental companies with over 50 years of effort to unite people, the environment and industry. The environmental initiative in OSO started in 1956 with Reidar Braathen jr., who created "Scandinavia's most environmentally friendly company" (SCANVAC award). After 50 years of continuous efforts for both the internal and external environment, GRIP v/ Environment Minister Arild Hareide awarded OSO "Glassbjørnen" an honorary award for our environmental work. Thanks to the faithful trust of our customers, OSO has become a term for both hot water and environmental protection. Products with an extremely long life and the market's lowest heat loss are our most important contribution to the environmental account, in addition to a production without environmentally harmful emissions of any kind. Love for nature is the foundation for our environmental commitment, and the objective is the same as 50 years ago; PROTECT OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD

World-class production

OSO has decided to produce in Norway - against all odds. We have counteracted the world's highest cost level with continuous automation for 40 years and are proud to be one of Norway's most robotic businesses. The venture gives OSO several competitive advantages and the opportunity to deliver the best quality at a competitive price. The family ownership is long-term with a high willingness to invest in order to keep expertise and jobs in Norway.


Over 60 years, we have perfected the stainless steel preparation. The optimal combination of material selection, automated production and intelligent solutions gives OSO products unbeatable quality.

Energy efficiency

OSO boilers have the market's lowest heat loss and are designed for maximum efficiency. This gives our products the lowest power consumption and outstanding life cycle economy for our customers.


50 years of efforts to unite industry and the environment, and awarded the "Glassbjørnen" honorary award for unique environmental efforts. Our objective has been the same for three generations: Protect Our Beautiful World.

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