Smart management

The smart management is based on a machine learning model that learns the consumption pattern of each individual household. With this as a basis, it estimates the consumption going forward in time and at the same time takes into account the variations in Nord Pool's spot prices in order to plan the heating for the next 24 hours. OSO Charge receives an updated management profile one or more times a day. This is run locally on the device and therefore does not depend on a network connection to function.


OSO Charge follows strict principles for data security and has end-to-end security using Microsoft Azure Sphere. The safety function against legionella is built into the basic logic of the device and cannot be overridden. 

In the event of a loss of network connection, the device will run on the last profile it has received, until this expires. After that, it will change to a profile that is based on which hours of the day historically have had the highest electricity prices.

OSO inCharge APP

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Automatic price optimization against Nord Pool spot prices
  • Sleep mode for when you're going away for a few days
  • Insight into capacity and number of showers available
  • Historical overview of consumption

Smart steering: Auto

"Auto" provides automatic optimization based on Nord Pool spot prices and machine learning that takes into account the consumption pattern in each household. 

This optimization has 3 choices:


Low profile is suitable if you use a lot of hot water, but at the same time want to avoid the highest price peaks. Gives little risk of cold water, but lower savings.


This profile is suitable if you have normal consumption and a properly sized boiler for the household. Provides normal optimization and good savings.


For those who want to save as much as possible. Provides a higher risk of cold water and maximum savings.

Smart control: Third-party control

This choice gives the opportunity to control the heating of water via our open cloud-based API. 

Follow the link in the app, or the link below to get to the description of the API and the possibility to test in Swagger.

API for smart home

Description of our open API for smart home integration.

Smart steering: Manual

If you have other needs than managing according to the electricity price, manual optimization can be a good solution. Here you simply select the hours you do not want the water heater to heat water. Minimum level and security features will override your choices.

Sleep mode

With sleep mode, the water heater uses as little power as possible while you are away. At the same time, it will automatically return to normal mode one day before you return. Legionella mode will be active and heat water if you are away for an extended period.

OSO inCharge APP

OSO inCharge can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This gives you the opportunity to control the heating of hot water at times of the day with the lowest electricity price. You also get insight into how much hot water you have available, and other functions such as "sleep mode".

OSO inCharge can only be used together with boilers that are equipped with an OSO Charge control unit.

User manual OSO inCharge App

Simple introduction to registration and functions you will find in the app.

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